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This story is my attempt to share a little magic, a little connection, a little mystery, and a little love with the world.  I hope it brings inspiration and fun to your life and would love to hear your feedback!

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My far

All my life I have wanted to become a renaissance woman in the true sense of the word.

     However, I had little idea on how to reach this goal, so I just started learning. Trying new things like traveling the world, making my own decisions, and working through who I wanted to become was a huge part of my twenties. Over time I became an entrepreneur, project and change management specialist, and intercultural relations expert by trade, and have enjoyed all that these projects have taught me, but still I was looking for more.

     So I became an adventurer, anthropologist, philosopher, artist, author, and creator by design. In her studies, travels, and intellectual pursuits I have endeavored to explore the world from multiple perspectives and question the mysteries of life across diverse cultural origins.  

     Now, I am PMP certified, with a BBA in International Business, and a MA in Intercultural Relations, and after 15 years in the corporate world I even created Maven Source International, LLC in 2021, a consulting organization that assists groups in "developing their present to brighten their future". It was terrifying! Me? A business owner? But I can say I am glad for the push, because I have never been more happy nor content in who I am or why I am here. 

     After all of this exploration I found my purpose: to help to bring in-depth insights, anecdotes, and best practices to assist humans in creating peaceful, fulfilling, and balanced lives. In reality, to help people not be afraid of their emotions and their connection to the world.

To help this effort, I created and launched the Essential Elements of Life, a program designed to assist humans in "finding balance and creating peace." While this work fuels my passion, I am still exploring who I am and what life has to offer spending as much time as possible having intellectual debates with my soul mate, working on my writing, gardening, exploring, clogging with the 'Just for Kicks cloggers', and spending time with the goats, chickens, dog, cats, and woodland creatures on our hobby farm in Northern Michigan.

I am so happy to have you with me on my journey, and hope I can help inspire you to go even further with yours. 


I'm always looking for new connections and feedback.  Let's connect.

PO Box 96, Roscommon, MI 48653

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