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  • What is with all of the **** in the curse word sections?
    It is meant to allow the reader to use their own colloquialisms, somewhat like a "choose your own" curse word. It was my way of allowing the book to be read my multiple types of readers of all ages. This way both my grandmother and my niece can keep it clean, and others can make it as strong a word as they would like. Go crazy with your imagination! 😊
  • How do I pronounce all of these names?
    Esme Halle - Es-may Hal-lee Jovan Halle - Jo-van Hal-lee Allistar - Al-\i\-star Sarnia - Sar-nee-ah Oronian - o-Ro-nee-an Werner - Ver-nor
  • Why is this story important? Why should I read it?
    Why this trilogy matters (at least according to the author, you may have different reasons, and if so that is wonderful!) Portrays a world of disconnect and separation, providing an analogy of our uncertain world today in a fantasy environment helping to process our current environment safely. An allegory to illustrate what can happen if we let our differences divide us. Focuses on the arc and difficulty of family relationships when the past has been ignored, and how finding the source of any problem is important for healing. Attempts to show character motivations and perspectives from different backgrounds struggling with an unseen enemy. The goal here is to illustrate the commonalities and connections between us, and the similar tenets we all deal with in some form. A story that explores the emotional connections between family, couples, friends, and ourselves, as well as the creation of emotionally supportive female/male relationships Portrays a multi-dimensional and nuanced portrayal of female perspectives in the protagonist, antagonists, and other female characters. Overall, it is meant to be a fun and exciting ride that deals with difficult life concepts in an entertaining way
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