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Austin McCauley Editors

 "The balance of the epic scope of the story and worldbuilding with the powerful personal journey Esme undergoes across her quest [is striking]. It is a contemporary, topical work that we feel can be a great addition to our YA-fantasy catalogue."

Reader Feedback

"An enthralling read...can't wait to read Book Two!" - Angela V
"5 Stars! A must read" - Joseph B.


The sisters three saga - part of the Kingdom of Orion Series

Book One - The Mystery of the Troubles

Esme Halle thought she had finally found peace. Creating a life in Avalon on the continent of Mar, she had worked hard to distance herself from her sordid past in the neighboring Kingdom of Orion. So hard in fact that she could barely recall any memories of her previous life, and she preferred it this way. Now all of the secrets she had kept hidden so deeply even from herself, may be the only key to saving everything she holds dear. The sisters three, Esme's name for her mother and aunts, have brought the kingdom of Orion to its knees, information has grown scarce, and her dreams show her the past is the key to all.


Now the devastating sickness is spreading, affecting all of Mar and threatening to stalk beyond its borders to the rest of the world. People have grown aggressive, pained, and cruel; disasters are daily, and terror lurks around every corner.


Believing in her bones that these "Troubles" have a source, Esme vows to uncover the mystery and set things right. Armed only with her magic, her cousins as companions, and an old book as their only clue, the three of them have little time to find the source, solve the mystery, and save the world.


Book Two - The Mystery of Magic

The past is the key, but it may be too much to bear. 


The Troubles have taken hold and spread across the globe. Earth is growing dark, time is running out, and Esme knows the only way to bring back the light is to travel to the kingdom and face the sisters three. What adventures will the Kingdom hold? Only the Gods know for sure....

Mystery of Essential Elements cover art - Ivy.jpg

Book Three - The Mystery of the Essential Elements

In the final saga of the Sisters Three, the Troubles work is complete. All is still and dark except for a small light in the grand castle of Orion. Here Esme and the sisters three will battle time and each other for the power to shape the future and their kingdom’s destiny.

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